Why Are Annual Examinations by a Doctor Important?

Many people don’t think having a yearly checkup is important, especially when they feel they are in good health. However, a number of Hermitage, TN men and women live with chronic diseases and are unaware of their condition. At Refresh Life Wellness, our primary care doctor, Dr. Kimberly Collins, offers annual examinations to her patients. She is an experienced general and holistic health physician who works hard to help her patients take control of their health. Annual examinations are an important part of preventative care, helping patients to address a health problem before it can get more advanced.

What do they do at a wellness checkup?

During an annual examination at Refresh Life Wellness in Hermitage, TN, we evaluate your health to detect health problems early on. During a wellness checkup, we:

  • Update your medical records: When your wellness checkup begins, we will want to know if any of your medication has changed, if your social habits have changed (alcohol, smoking, or sexual activity), if your mental health has changed, and if you have developed any new allergies.

  • Assess your overall health: We will evaluate your blood pressure and heart rate. We also may request blood tests, including cholesterol and blood glucose screening, to look for signs of pre-diabetes, diabetes, or high cholesterol. For our older patients, particularly women over 65 and men over 70, we may want to order a DEXA scan that checks for osteopenia or osteoporosis. These tests help us to identify underlying conditions that can affect your overall health. We can offer medical advice on lifestyle and diet changes that will help you to maintain or improve your health.

  • Update vaccinations: Vaccines are not just for children. Adults need to ensure that their vaccines are up to date. Dr. Collins can review your vaccination history and risk factors during your wellness checkup to recommend immunizations, such as Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular), HPV, flu, shingles, Hepatitis B, and pneumonia.

  • Screen for cancer: Routine cancer screenings in Hermitage, TN increase your chance of detecting cancer in early stages when it’s easier to treat. Dr. Collins will consider your age and risk factors to recommend various cancer screenings, such as breast, skin, cervical, colon, lung, or prostate cancers.

Importance of preventive care

When you come to Refresh Life Wellness for an annual examination, you are making a decision to be responsible when it comes to your health. Rather than just treating something after it has progressed, preventive care focuses on preventing disease or medical conditions from developing in the first place. This is done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Collins can recommend preventive care tips based on your family history, health, gender, and age.

Establishing a relationship with your primary care practitioner is important as it allows your doctor to get to know you. During an annual exam, the focus is on wellness and preventive care to keep you healthy. This visit allows Dr. Collins to address any concerns you have about your health. She can answer your questions about medications or any other health concerns you may be having.

Should I still have an annual exam during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many of our patients are worried about having their annual exams during the pandemic. At Refresh Life Wellness, we follow all CDC guidelines to ensure that our patients and staff remain healthy. We will take your temperature before you can enter our facility. Face coverings and social distancing are both required while you’re in our office. We sanitize all areas before and after each visit.

Schedule your annual examination for optimal health

Dr. Kimberly Collins at Refresh Life Wellness is committed to offering individualized, personalized, and compassionate care for her patients in Hermitage and Nashville, TN. She understands that each of her patients has unique needs, and she gives full attention to them during their annual exams to help them to maintain or improve their health. To learn more about the primary care services she offers, like annual exams, blood work, hormone replacement therapy, immunizations, allergy injections, or medication management, call her office today to schedule an appointment.

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