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About Medical Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has witnessed a loved one or personally battled addiction understands that it is all-encompassing and life-changing. Those with addictions may not know that they are addicted until their life begins to unravel, and they begin to lose jobs, friends, and focus. Opioid addiction is especially dangerous, leading to compulsive drug-seeking at all costs. Certain medications have shown success in helping patients overcome their addictions. Dr. Kimberly Collins, a board-certified physician, is experienced in the treatment of addiction and can help fight back with medical addiction treatment. Using proven medications and guidance, she can help you obtain the tools you need to take back your life. Refresh Life Wellness near Nashville, TN provides exemplary, personalized care to patients who are ready to overcome addiction. Read on to learn more before scheduling your appointment.  

Treatment Options

Our practice will assess each patient individually before determining which treatment method is most appropriate. However, many patients are treated using one of three medications:

Buprenorphine – Sometimes sold under different brand names, buprenorphine is a prescription medication used to treat opioid dependencies. Prescribed in pill form or film by Dr. Collins, the use of the medication will be supervised.

SUBLOCADE™ – An injectable form of buprenorphine, SUBLOCADE is a prescription extended-release medical injection that is given once a month to provide patients with continuous sustained levels of buprenorphine. This medication, combined with counseling, helps patients to battle opioid addiction. 

Vivitrol® – A prescription, injectable medication, Vivitrol is known as a blocking medication that blocks the body's standard response to opioid medications. When combined with counseling, Vivitrol has proven to help patients detox while they focus on treatment. 


Addiction is a disease that requires medication, counseling, and maintenance to overcome. During your medical addiction treatment at Refresh Life Wellness, we will ask you to attend regularly scheduled visits so that we can ensure you have all of the tools necessary to battle your addiction. Dr. Collins is supremely skilled and experienced in the treatment of addiction and is prepared to partner with you to fight it together. 

Hope Is only A phone Call Away

Opioid addiction does not discriminate and does not care how successful you are, how great your life is, or what you aspire to achieve. We at Refresh Life Wellness know this and want to help you take back your life. To begin your journey toward sobriety, schedule a consultation at our facility today. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff looks forward to helping you overcome addiction.  

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